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Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

BBE's Academic Programs

From biofuels and renewable energy, to systems for green building; from solutions to improve water and air quality, to safe and healthier foods, we offer a wide range of opportunities to prepare you for careers that address society's growing material and energy demand while protecting and enhancing the environment.


Undergraduate Programs

The Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Major is an ABET accredited major (under Biological Engineering) offered through the College of Science and Engineering.

Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineers design, develop, and implement processes, products, and systems.  These are used to meet the world's growing needs for materials, energy, and food and to address environmental sustainability.

The Bioproducts Marketing and Management Major.
  This interdisciplinary major combines course work in science, engineering, technology, and business - all related to the manufacturing and end-use applications of materials, products and energy from renewable resources.  You choose to specialize in Marketing and Management or Residential Building Science and Technology.

Corporate Environmental Management
(Specialization within the Environmental Science and Policy Management ESPM major.
  This track provides youwith the skills to systematically determine the environmental burdens associated with a firm's products or manufacturing processes.

Graduate Programs

The BBE Graduate Programs offer a multi-disiplinary graduate program, Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management (BBSEM), designed to educate the next generation of scientists and engineers to develop solutions to complex problems of resource utilization and environmental sustainability for the 21st-century bioeconomy. BBE Faculty also advise graduate students in the Natural Resource Science and Management (NRSM) graduate program.


BBE Courses



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